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Are fitness trackers safe to wear? Health Guide!

Are fitness trackers safe to wear?” is the most commonly asked question nowadays. People are very concerned about their health and are in continuous search of things affecting their health or have a negative impact on their bodies. It is their right to know about the positive and negative aspects of things.

However, in this post, we will go into detail and discuss the benefits and harms of the fitness tracker. In the end, the question will be answered are fitness trackers safe to wear?

Why fitness trackers can be dangerous?


Fitness trackers are emitting non-ionizing waves that have been described by WHO as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. Also according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) that cell phones and cordless phones use radiofrequency radiation (RF). RF is different from other radiations but it is not sure that RF radiation from cell phones can cause health problems years later.

As of right now, the non-ionizing waves could damage skin tissue because of overheating phones. Fitness trackers have to be worn all the time so it will be better if you remove them while sleeping as putting your hand closer to the brain would expose it to lower frequency waves. Also, during the day it will be much better if you wear the tracker on the wrist rather than the waist as it will also expose key internal organs to radiation. Removing radiation completely from life is difficult, however, we can avoid contact with radiation-causing things.

Another objection to fitness trackers is that they may become reason for anxiety among people with eating disorders and excessive exercise. These people will tend to become self-monitoring neurotics which is dangerous. Also, some of the fitness trackers are not correct which makes things worse. However, still, there are good fitness trackers are out there for fitness lovers.

Coronavirus and Dangers of Fitness Trackers

COVID-19 spreads when people touch contaminated surfaces or objects – and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth. However, experts have warned that wearing a watch or rings could render alcohol rubs useless against Coronavirus.

It’s unclear how much surface contamination can be picked up on a watch. Wearing fitness tracker could make it difficult to thoroughly wash your hands and remove germs during the Coronavirus outbreak.

If you don’t want to stop wearing a fitness tracker temporarily, then take off your fitness tracker and wash it with warm water and soap every time you wash your hands.

Ways to limit dangers from fitness trackers


As we are not sure about the harms of RF radiations from fitness watches that are they risky or safe. We can do a couple of things to avoid radiation from fitness trackers.

  • Only buy a wrist-worn fitness tracker.
  • It will be better to use a tracker during exercise.
  • Also, keep updated about EMF and its health risks.
  • If a fitness tracker is using Bluetooth it will be better to sync it once a day.
  • Also, it will be better to monitor sleep patterns when they are necessary to be monitored.
  • In order to find health patterns use the tracker for a couple of days. Only use it to check progress.

One thing to keep in mind is that fitness trackers are always using smartphone connections, Bluetooth, and WIFI. Expert opinion about this is we are exposed to these low amounts of RF energy so we should consider reducing our usage of these things. One thing is clear that we are always exposed to EMF and always will be. The only thing that can be done is to use these things when necessary and keep updated about these things.

Is it safe to wear a fitness tracker while sleeping?


Fitness trackers are very useful to measure the sleep patterns and time. A fitness tracker records movement with accelerometer, that measures vibrations. If there is a certain amount of movement then you’re awake. However, if there is zero movements then it means you’re sleeping. This method of measuring sleep is useful but it has it’s limitations.

Low-frequency waves from your tracker are harmful if they are kept close to the head for a long time. The American Cancer Society says that if a phone is held at the side of your head, the exposure to radiofrequency energy is greater. 

Also, in addition to this, fitness trackers can not detect the quality of your sleep. However, if these concerns are handled properly then wearing a fitness tracker while sleeping helps you in multiple ways such as you can track your sleep and improve your sleep by observing your sleeping pattern.

Is it safe to wear fitness band all the time?

If Fitness trackers are connected to our smartphone then we are also exposed to a certain amount of non-ionized radiation on our phone. The fitness trackers are useful in helping us to achieve our fitness goals. there is no clear statement that states that wearing a fitness tracker could result in cancer. For an instance, if your sleeping pattern is defined then you don’t have to wear it 24/7. However, even if you have to wear it while sleeping just make sure that your hand is not near to your head. It answers the question that is it safe to wear fitness band all the time?

Benefits of fitness trackers

As there are some concerns about fitness trackers but they also play an important role to keep track of our health. They can do some of those things which smartphones can not do.

As good fitness tracker

The core function of fitness trackers is to keep in check of individuals’ activities and to help them keep up with their goals. Some basic functions of fitness trackers are they can count steps, calories, heart rate, pulse rate, distance, sleep and some can even calculate other important metrics you might need. These things are more than enough for an individual to keep track of his health.

Travel Partner on Your Wrist

Fitness trackers are very good travel partners as you don’t have to keep looking on your phone to keep track. The fitness tracker tells you which direction to follow without even looking at the phone.

Reply to messages and receiving calls

A smart tracker can also do these tasks without the need of bringing out the phone from the pocket. If in case you are doing exercise and it is difficult to take out the phone then a message can be replied using the smartwatch. Also, some of the other watches enable you to talk through their voice support without the need of using the phone. It is very helpful in scenarios where taking out a phone is difficult.

Social media notifications

Being able enough to use your social media applications anywhere anytime is something great and smartwatches allow us to use them. Now one can access his social media app on his smartwatch. although the screen might be smaller it is best for circumstances where it is difficult to grab your phone from the pocket. Fitness trackers with sim cards are completely independent and no phone is required.

Conclusion: Are fitness trackers safe to wear?

Now, are fitness trackers safe to wear?is wearing a fitness tracker safe?Yes to some extent as they can not do much harm to your body physically and they would do harm only if you let them take control of your life. Also, a short summary of the article below is a fitness tracker safe to wear?

  • Fitness tracker uses different radiation than cancer-causing one. Also, they emit low amounts of radiation than other devices.
  • There is no direct effect on your health. However, it is not sure that RF radiation from cell phones can cause health problems years later.
  • If you are concerned about radiations there are ways to minimize the radiation.

Regarding any more help, please ask in the comment section..!

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